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Ghosts from the past

The Czech president has finally showed his cards. He will not ratify the Lisbon Treaty, unless the Czech Republic gets opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights. The official reason – Klaus believes that the Charter will give the Sudeten Germans the opportunity to claim back the properties they have lost after being forcefully “resettled”… » read more

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Hail the King!

Hardly any European politician could claim that the future of the European integration rests upon his single-handed, personal decision. For now, Czech president could. (Let´s suppose that his Polish counterpart stands by his word and signs the Lisbon Treaty after positive Irish referendum). If the Lisbon Treaty creates the post of the EU President, elected… » read more

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New dividing lines

This week will be important not only for the Lisbon Treaty, or future of institutional reform, but for the European integration process as we know it. Few would argue that the EU could go for long with its current institutional settings and policies. For those who think that the post-war European integration was an important… » read more

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