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Dropping the ballast

European Union is not sailing the waves of multiple crises particularly well. It is still floating, but just barely, patching things up and dropping the ballast. Last year, when the existence of Eurozone was (again) in question, Greece was ritually sacrificed. It´s new government had to swallow a bitter – and largely counter-productive – medicine,… » read more

Posted by Radovan Geist

Detest thy neighbour

Poles would do anything for a dime. Lithuanians are no better. They all keep together and rarely integrate. Romanians try to blend-in, but you let one of the in, and next month fifteen more would come. And Slovaks? You wouldn’t trust anybody with such name, whoever-the-hell it is. Most of them do not want to… » read more

Posted by Radovan Geist

When Leopold I. Habsburg in 1861 allowed Protestants in Hungary to build their own churches, he could not expect that he would have such brave followers. But now, it´s not the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, which tears Europe (unless we subscribe to highly unsustainable rationalisation of the conflict on the north-western periphery of our… » read more

Posted by Radovan Geist